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   Retailing tennis, badminton and squash equipment.

* 提供專業電腦穿線服務。

   Providing professional stringing service.

* 提供專業球拍改造服務。

   Racquet customization.

* We obtain the following qualifications

   ERSA Pro Tour Stringer Level 1

   ERSA Master of Racquet Sports

   ERSA Certified Stringer Badminton

   CRSA Master Racquet Technician

   CRSA Certified Stringer



The ES5 PROTECH String Machine provides consistent stringing tension to ensure the exceptional accuracy and flawless reliability that world’s best players demand. 



The Precision Tuning Center, allows you to measure the 3 most critical characteristics of a racquet: WEIGHT, BALANCE and SWING WEIGHT.



When to change strings?

No. of hours played each week =

No. of times to change strings each year


I play 1 hour/week = I change my strings 1 time/year

I play 8 hours/week = I change my strings 8 times/ year